Symbiote and the SilverStripe community


Symbiote provide over a hundred actively used modules, including some of the most used modules in the ecosystem, originally developed under the SilverStripe Australia name. With a change in company name to Symbiote, it is natural for these modules to follow to the new naming, which will cover both GitHub and Packagist, as well as namespaces within the code itself.

This changeover will occur for the primary supported modules immediately after the public business change on June 30 2017. This change will

  • Convert the composer.json module name to symbiote/silverstripe-{name}
  • Move the module from to
  • For code that is namespaced, this will be changed to Symbiote\Existing\Namespace. For those modules, a new major version will be released with this different namespacing.
  • Submit the changed modules to packagist
  • Mark the previous modules as abandoned, with the replacements under the symbiote/ vendor prefix

Owing to GitHub’s automatic redirection mechanisms, if you currently have reference to “silverstripe-australia/-” prefixed modules in your composer.json files, these will continue to work in the short term; you will however be prompted to move them over to the new vendor prefix of “symbiote/-”.

Alongside the primary Symbiote GitHub organisation, there will be a secondary Symbiote Library that contains all modules that, while not receiving the same close daily attention in our projects, are still part of our not-actively-supported-but-looked-after set of modules.

During this transition, if you have any issues with modules no longer working, please contact, or get in touch with either or via GitHub.