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Managed Environments

We provide fully managed environments that automate the production and provisioning of server infrastructure.

Rather than putting together servers and networks, we use industry leading tools such as Terraform to manage infrastructure as code, taking advantage of the benefits of version control and code re-usability. 

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Replace your existing hosting

Change your existing hosting solution for AWS managed servers, taking advantage of the speed, performance and flexibility of the world's premier cloud provider. 

We use Terraform for defining your new environment, with Ansible managing the finer details. 

All infrastructure code is managed and treated in the same way we do any other part of the project pipeline, and allows us to move quickly to build creative solutions to your business needs.

Plan to scale

For some, absolute performance and availability are mission critical factors. Make use of customised AMIs for server instances, Terraform managing the full range of AWS services in use, with our own inter-service management layers.

Coupled with CloudFlare's high performance CDN and caching capabilities, our team is uniquely skilled to manage large scale SilverStripe deployments.