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Service Retainers

Our service retainers give you a hassle free communication channel to our development and support teams and a surety that your projects will be secure in our managed environments. 

All retainer options include the following:

Private Gitlab repository

Your repository includes the codebase for your project(s), a wiki and issue tracking.

Service desk access

Your requests will be tracked and managed by our support team via our service desk.

Managed build automation 

All of our managed projects include automated tests and builds.

From there it's up to you how to make use of our service - time can be utilised for any tasks relating to our areas of expertise, and your area of need.


From $100/month
From $500/month
From $1000/month
Talk to us
Included hours 0 2 5 20
Hourly rate $210 $200 $180 $180
Authorised users 2 5 10 Unlimited
Support channels Email Email, real-time chat Email, real-time chat, phone Email, real-time chat, phone
Deployments None Downloadable packages Deployer, release and production Deployer plus Terraform
Service reports No No Yes Yes
Account manager No No Shared Dedicated
Support availability Business hours Business hours Business hours 24x7 with SLA
Maximum hours 5 10 50 N/A
Ask about Ad-hoc Ask about Freelance Ask about Business Ask about Enterprise

Each month you pay a base rate, plus any time used over your included support hours.

For example, a Freelance plan user in month one uses 8 hours of support time. Their total bill becomes

$500 (base rate)

+ $200 x 6 (8 hours - 2 included)

= $500 + $1200

$1700 total


What if I use more hours than allowed?

If you use more than the allowed number of hours, you will be billed as though you were in the next tier up for that billing cycle. 

Can I change to a lower plan?

Sure! Be aware that changing down plans will attract a higher hourly rate, and remove some available tools.