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Content Management

We build content management solutions on top of the award-winning SilverStripe CMS.

With over a decade of experience working with the product, our development team has contributed to hundreds of modules, and many thousands of lines of code.

Symbiote Seed

Symbiote's content management solution includes all the key modules required to develop and maintain modern websites.

  • Multi-site Support out of the box
  • Content tagging, categorisation and taxonomy
  • Flexible and extensible site search
  • Centralised data change tracking and auditing
  • Simple and fast media management
  • User configurable forms
  • Automated Sitemaps
  • composer require symbiote/silverstripe-seed
  • View Seed on GitHub

Symbiote Collab

SymbioteCollab contains modules to provide user customisation options, making it possible for users to collaborate on content within sites.

  • Member profiles
  • Simple and powerful event calendars (and ticketing)
  • Frictionless Micro-blogging
  • Quick to configure user notifications
  • Highly configurable user dashboards
  • Drag'n'drop file upload from the frontend of your site
  • Native wiki style editing
  • composer require symbiote/silverstripe-seed
  • View Collab on GitHub

Symbiote Thrive

Working in the cloud? Our AWS module set provides full integration with Amazon Web Services to deliver highly available, fully scalable systems.

  • Central asset storage using S3
  • Integrated cloud asset security
  • Email delivery using Amazon Simple Email service
  • Queue based background job processing
  • Enterprise search using Elastic ┬áSearch
  • Distributed session management
  • Configurable session persistence
  • composer require symbiote/silverstripe-thrive
  • View Thrive on GitHub