Engineer the web, together.

Company History

Symbiote started in 2009 as SilverStripe Australia. Over time Owen and Marcus focused on delivering high-quality solutions to specific segments of the market, and with the growing success of SilverStripe CMS, the timing was right to start with a fresh vision and drive the continued growth of the product. 

Symbiote are very proud of their history and look forward to building the next stage with the same pride and focus.

Why Symbiote?

We focus where we excel and love working with others who have complementary skills.

We're too familiar with inheriting systems and having the "oh no, not like this" feeling of a spaghetti-like mash of PHP, HTML and CSS. We know how it can be done better, and want to ensure our customers get the same.

Owen Windsor

Managing Director

Marcus Nyeholt

Head of Technology

Rodney Way

Operations Manager

Michael Beaumont

Head of Sales

Bill Louloudakis

Senior Project Manager

Eric Gong

Frontend Developer

Paul Kotz

User Experience Lead

Nathan Glasl


Rachel Kelly

UX/UI Designer

Joshua Carter

Improvement Engineer