Good tech needs
great people

Our people play a key role in our success as a business, that’s why we work with the best. Collaboration and team work allow us to deliver outcomes we can be proud of.

About Us

Do you have a curious mind and love solving problems or writing code that makes people’s lives easier? 

Maybe you’ve saved someone a few minutes to enjoy elsewhere in their life, delivered them personalised information that enables them to make a more informed decision about how they commute or advocated for the user's needs in a way that informs large scale strategic roadmaps. Whatever it is, we design and develop digital products that give people more out of their day. 

We employ people with different kinds of backgrounds, lifestyles and perspectives because a) they’re superb coders/UXers/project wranglers and b) we remind each other to stay curious and open about other people’s differences and similarities. 

Rather than making assumptions based on your own lived experiences, we want you to keep asking: ‘How might we make our products better for different kinds of people? How might we uncover their needs?  How might we make this information easier for them to find?

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Our Story

Owen and Marcus founded Symbiote with a simple vision: to provide exceptional tech solutions with a considered people-first approach, and have a bit of fun along the way. This diligent and engaged approach has led to more satisfied users and happier businesses like the Ian Potter Foundation, Public Transport Victoria, and the NSW Government.

Owen and Marcus began articulating their user-centric approach to tech solutions in 2009 as SilverStripe before renaming to Symbiote – a nod to the way they work alongside clients’ internal talent to ensure excellent outcomes and ongoing support.

Symbiote’s team continues to grow as they tackle more complex challenges with a range of new technologies and help more clients improve their customers’ experiences.


We're always on the lookout for people who have deep expertise to contribute, who prioritise the needs of the end-user and who value the success of the team over themselves. 

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Work Culture

We love what we do. We also appreciate that there’s more to life than work, which is why everyone on our team works a four-day week. No overtime, no squeezing-five-days-into-four. Just four normal-length, productive days.

SBS did a story on four-day work weeks that quoted us.

This is what our team had to say after we made the change to a four-day work week.

We understand the pressures and stressors that come with complex projects. That’s why we foster a collaborative environment that minimises stress and makes time for fun – like delivering excellent tech, drinking lots of good coffee, and learning as we go.

We're a modern organisation with a flat management structure, which enables us to be flexible and responsive. To ensure you’re growing and enjoying your time at work, we provide regular coaching sessions and encourage a great workplace culture that supports holistic wellbeing.

You’ll notice the whole team makes it a priority to maintain strong social ties, find opportunities to keep learning, enjoy our epic neighbourhoods, and use our Workplace Wellness Program to encourage each other to get offline and reset.